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Zeph Jr.

"Everyone starts somewhere, even ghosts! This little buddy is your new business start-up associate from ‘Legitimate Spookings INC."


It’s time to get some legitimate spookings! This little guy could be joining you as you play TF2 this halloween if you head on over and give him a thumbs up on the workshop. And for all you mod lovers out there, I’ve uploaded Zeph Jr. as a freely available mod for your game.





bunch of doodles :)

That indescribably feeling you get when somebody draws a thing of a thing you made. 

OMG I’m so sorry I forgot to mention the source
Chick magnet is coolest scout’s headgear I’ve ever seen
and I really, really want to see it in game
Thanks for 
sharing your wonderful work T.T<3333

Then wear it right now!

paperfrays asked:

Hi! Me again :) I'm one of those people who miss your TF2 FemClass doodles (also your TF2 doodles in general ^^). Will we see any more of those in the future? (or have you been forbidden by the Valve higher ups since you work for them now :O?)


Ohh, a few months back I did a couple but yeah I haven’t in a while!  Unless you count my gw2 norn who is just my fem heavy anyway lol.

My god Makani you need to do a big splash image poster style of all your fem classes painted into a montage type thing. It would look fantastic. Sell it as a poster on the workshop!

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